‘BCG Card System’ gives us the information about the citizen in any country. A Citizen has unique Id to find out the personal information in each and every department or service wherever a citizen goes. This information can be found out by the unique Id of the citizen. If any citizen wants to utilize the services or utilities by the Government or Private organizations, he has to go to each and every department with different Id for that particular department. Instead, a citizen card helps in having all the utilities and services under one unique Id. This system not only helps us to know the information about the services or utilities but also it gives the information about the character of the citizen in credit rating.

‘Card System’ also provides the options for Taxation terms defined for different countries either on individual terms as per the Government rules or a unique Taxation policy for all the countries.

The Card System keeps details of citizens on our database so that if someone queries your card we can confirm that you are a legitimate cardholder. We also provide Experian, an information company, with access to Citizen Card data for the purpose of age validation, identity authentication and fraud prevention. If a website or other organization wishes to ascertain the identity or age of one of its users, Experian can corroborate the information supplied against details held on the Citizen Card database.

Information Present in this citizen card or in a supporting database might include the bearer’s full name, Photograph, age, Date of Birth, Address, and Citizen Card Number. The western countries like United Kingdom and the United States especially, government-issued compulsory identity cards or, more precisely, their centralized database are a source of debate as they are regarded as an infringement of privacy and civil liberties. Most criticism is directed towards the enhanced possibilities of extensive abuse of centralized and comprehensive databases storing sensitive data.

Card System has the feasibility of converting the existing model applicable for a single/multiple organizations for maintaining a unique card for different purposes of visit for the same company in different countries.

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