It is NOT the number of years, it is the quality of the person !

Years do not work, people do!

Many hiring managers and recruiters think that if they do not put a range of required years of experience, they do not belong in recruitment.

So wrong!

  • They do a disservice to themselves by reducing the number of available candidates.
  • They do a disservice to the society by sidelining some of the most talented people.
  • They do a disservice to their companies by depriving them of some of the best recruits.
  • And all for what – for some arbitrary numbers none of them can explain !
  • Actually, some of that is driven by ageism – against the young and the old.
  • But some of that is simply outdated hiring practices of the 20th century.

A Recruiter posted “7-12 years of experience is a must”.

It is not the number of years, it is their quality !

Why would you not hire someone with 2 years of outstanding accomplishments

Or 25 years of experience ?

Too many years ?

  • How do you even come up with 7-12 years ?
  • We should stop outdated hiring practices !
  • Look not at the years, but the value the person will bring.
  • Hire people, not numbers.
  • Years will not do the work. People will.