We service all type of clientele from small 5 person companies trying to keep a large company image, to large corporations who simply do not want to hire a full time employee to perform a limited task.
Many times it is unnessary and uneconomical to hire a full time staff to perform a task that can be performed by an outside contractor. The people at Bridgetown Consulting Group have been working together for many years, so we will perform the task in an efficient an expedient manner.
BCG clients experience superior execution on deliverables related to our full range of business technology consulting and services.
Our success is based on our customer’s success. We are proud of the significant return on investment our customers achieve, as well as our high customer satisfaction ratings. BCG solutions and services help organizations establish a sound business technology management strategy that enables them to meet their business objectives and help drive bottom line results.


Here at Bridgetown Consulting Group, we take great pride in our partner program. The partners we’ve selected are experts in their respective fields. BCG management has competed extensive evaluations of all our partner’s products. In addition, BCG developers have completed extensive technical training on all of our partner’s products. These partnerships allow for efficient implementation of leading-edge technologies.