Biotechnology Projects

Biotechnology Projects

A US Biotech Company urgently needed to develop a Business Continuity Plan to insure they would be prepared to continue their growth and success in the face of an major disaster. The company had no plans in place. The BCG team, working with mission critical business units, and applying continuity plan questionnaires and templates which we developed, completed a tiered company-wide business continuity plan. The integrated plan included a corporate plan, 8 site plans and 52 business unit plans.

A US biopharmaceutical company faced a doubling in size within a 12-month period and needed an independent assessment and recommendation on its Information Technology infrastructure, staffing and future systems needs. The BCG consulting team evaluated the company’s current IT systems, networks and IT staffing capabilities and developed a plan to ensure that the company’s IT infrastructure could support their projected growth. BCG then developed a technology roadmap and a set of recommendations to allow the company to implement the required systems and required applications. During the 4-month project, one of SIS’ senior consultants acted as interim Director of IT to oversee the IT organization until a fulltime director was hired.


A major US telecommunications company required staffing support for its various application development and maintenance projects. These specific resources include Senior Business Analysts, Project Managers, Database Engineers, Applications Programmers and other Systems Consultants with in-depth knowledge of the telecommunications industry. The BCG Team has established an extensive network of consultants with integral experience in Customer Care, Provisioning, Network Management, Marketing Information Systems and Financial Systems pertaining to wireline and wireless telecommunications services.


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